Level 1 Beginner Gymnastics (4-5 yrs and 6–7 yrs separated)

The Level 1 program is designed for beginning level gymnasts. Our focus in this program is to teach the proper drills and skills for gymnasts entering the beginning levels. Students in this class are reaching towards accomplishing specific goals on all events: cartwheels on floor, pullover on bars, straddle jumps on trampoline, etc. This is a high-energy program that places great emphasis on proper form, technique, skill progression and fun. Classes are eight girls per coach and during the summer  session classes are divided into two age divisions: 4 to 5 year olds and 6 to 7 year olds. 

Level 1 Beginner  (4-5 yrs) 

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Level 1 Beginner  (6-7 yrs)


 2018 Summer Session 5 Dates & Tuition Fees 

We realize families take vacations during the summer, so we allow make ups for missed classes. Just call the office 341-1175 and we will help you schedule your make up classes. 

 Tuition Below is for 1 class per week for 9 weeks.  There is a 10% discount for adding additional classes.  

Dates                                      Price
Session 5 June 4 - August 2, 2018 $166.50

Annual Registration Fee, Individual (per child)




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